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Pikkio’s story runs for over 20 years.

The founding four partners always bonded over their love of food, wine and family. Over a decade ago, Sam & Daniel owned a thriving cafe in Sydney’s CBD. It was their calling. They were living their dream cooking mouth-watering food and creating a welcoming, buzzing atmosphere for diners.

After many years, Daniel’s heart was drawn back to his home country Italy. Whilst there Daniel continued his passion of running a successful restaurant in the small city of Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Fresh, delicious food was the essence of his establishment and an importance that all the locals felt at home as soon as they entered the doors.

Nine years later Daniel and his wife returned to Sydney, reuniting with Sam and his wife. Their common love of gastronomy and desire to share their passion for the Northern and Southern Italian culture had not withered. With the old flame reigniting, together the four united and opened the authentic Italian Pikkio Pizzeria Trattoria that is in the heart of Panania village today.

It’s a place that people can meet, relax and grow their relationships over evenings sharing authentic Italian cuisine. The casual dining ambience offers an experience that is high on value and top quality fresh food, inspired by Italian flavours. Pikkio creates rich cuisine, bringing traditional food inspired by coast and mountain. This is what the founding partners thrived to achieve, an urban Italian eatery in the hub of Panania, where everyone who visits is instantly part of the family.

Pikkio – Amici – Famiglia – Buon Gusto!

Il capo

Daniel Mari


Daniel Mari discovered his passion for Italian food and Romano style pizzas growing up in the rural town of Ascoli Piceno, central Italy. After relocating to Sydney and working at GPO Pizza by Wood, he realised his dreams to head up his own Trattoria and now runs Pikkio in Panania.

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